Welcome to the IMAST (Institute for Marxist Studies) website.

Our aims

Etudes marxistes enseigne

IMAST aims at popularising the life and works of Karl Marx, as well as those of other great Marxist authors, and making known the achievements of the International Communist Movement and of socialist countries.

 How do we go about this ?

Our review Études marxistes

 Our main publication is the quarterly review Études marxistes, which aims at analysing the contemporary world using the Marxist method. A view of the contents of the last two years' issues can be seen here. You can also read the last issue published on this website. You can buy a copy of any issue still in print or take out a subscription here.

Our Marxist Universities, courses, lectures, guided visits…

Une leçon pendant l'Université d'été

We regularly organise courses on Marxism, from introductory study courses of the great Marxist classics to the application of the Marxist method to contemporary issues.

A central event for study and getting together is  the Marxist University, usually held twice a year in the last fortnight of August and the last week of December.

Our visits, outings and city-trips

 In addition, throughout the year, we organise lectures and visits with a link to Marxism, in Belgium and elsewhere. You will find a summary of our past activities here.

English version

 This website is at this moment only developed in French and Dutch. We hope to be able to present an English version to you very soon and we apologize for this imperfection. Please, visit us again later.